Pro Weld Fabricated: Custom Designed Metal Sidewalk Handrail 

Metal safety handrail outside

Our certified welding team is here to provide you with TOP of the LINE metal handrail solutions. We offer you the best of design, and safety walkway handrail customization. ADA approved railings are no issue for us.

Custom Handrails with end point as a lambs-tongue. Steel Lamb’s Tongue Handrail End is the beveled slender curve which turns upward at the tail end of a handrail.

If you seek sleek and stable: Pro Weld is here to make your custom metal handrail. Our custom steel sidewalk ADA railings are found through Oregon. We welcome you to see why our sturdy safety railings are superior. Each step you take we offer you metal excellence, confidence and security for your metal safety.

We also offer you larger, bulky industrial metal handrails upon request. If you need large steel posts we can provide them. If you need thin architectural design rails for false balconies – we make that too. We are experts at providing you every type of metal railings and safety handrails. We fabricate each railing as you wish.

Safety ADA steel handrail

Metal ADA walkway handrail railing

Our raw, no frills base price per foot on handrails begins at $85 per linear foot. You are welcome to choose your color, shapes and design – just keep in mind that additional features, designs and materials are a price increase.

Your metal railing systems are important to us. Contact Pro Weld’s expert welding team for metal handrails, ADA sidewalk steel rails and safety steel rails.

Our certified welding shop is not the cheapest. For that reason, our clients love us. The metal integrity, pleasing to the eye designs, and safety requirements met are just a few reasons Pro Weld is the chosen welding company in Oregon.

If you need a front yard sturdy handrail, apartment replacement metal guardrail is simply a walkway steel handrail. We take your desired railing designs and turn them into a secure and safe way to walk up and down steps.

We offer you all sorts of metal rails, paint and powder coating options. Give us a chance with your Metal handrail and sidewalk railing needs. You can place these handrails in walkways, garden paths and on slopes in need of a walkway handrail.

Applications for metal safety handrails and ADA railings:

  • Exterior metal balcony handrail
  • Steel railing for porch
  • ADA staircase handrail
  • Commercial apartment walkway metal railings
  • Complex metal decking railing
  • All quotes are free. Email them directly HERE. A metal handrail expert on our welding team will help you directly. Be sure to provide linear feet, and all other design ideas within your request for quote.

Home Advisor Estimates Railings to be :

“On average, the cost to install wrought iron railings is $2,600. Most people pay between $700 and $4,600 for materials and labor. Plan with $50 to $120 per linear foot for materials, in addition to $300 to $1,000 per project for labor for a banister between 10 and 30 feet.”

  • Anytime you move away from the one-size-fits-all prefabricated metal handrails the price increase reflects the quality increase in pricing. Each customization adds value therefore cost to produce.
  • You are welcome to seek out hardware and home supplies stores for steel railings. These type of suppliers offer cheap quality piece together items, with thin material for your metal fencing and railing alternatives. Our clients seek us out for the longevity, aesthetically pleasing designs and sturdiness of our metal railings and steel handrails.
  • Below is another rubric for metal rail pricings found outside of Pro Weld’s handmade, ALL-American custom built metal handrails and steel walkway railings.
  • Metal Railing Prices

    Line Item

    Price Range



    Bottom Rails










When you seek metal railings, be mindful of all factors involving your project. Steel handrails are priced by linear feet, complexity, hardware, type of metal materials, location of install, and paint finishes. If you seek weather resistant steel or metal handrails, the welding team at Pro Weld is here for you.


Steel Handrail Wall Mount by Pro Weld Welding

Metal Wall Mounted Steel Stairwell Handrail

Consider a sleek, steel returned end metal handrail. Pro Weld’s railings offer you a returned end to give you that floating look. Consider selecting prefinished powder coating for your returned end metal staircase.

Wall mounted metal handrail

Sleek metal floating handrail post mounted fabricated by Pro Weld, Inc.’s welding team.

We are welding experts. If you have a unique handrail design: we can help you. Call your welding shop experts. We are here to offer you ADA handrails and mounted hanging handrails. Reach your metal staircases and handrail specialist: 541-826-1404 or email.

Now ANNOUNCING: Pro Weld is offering sanding discs + flap wheels. Pro Weld offers best seller flap discs on our site. Feel free to call in with your order as well.

Check out flap abrasives: 541-826-1404 to order.
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