Pro Weld CNC Plasma Table Cutting Services

Pro Weld offers precision CNC plasma cutting services to commercial, residential and OEM clients. Our fabrication shop has welding and fabrication equipment to handle residential and commercial types of jobs. From cnc plasma prototyping to art ideas turn for marketing and/or production runs – Pro Weld cuts the lag time!
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Pro Weld Plasma Cutting Service Artsy Welcome Sign made in Oregon

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Pro Weld CNC Plasma Cutting OREGON

Pro Weld CNC Plasma Cutting OREGON

Our AutoCAD system integration allows us to fabricate plasma cut shapes and parts. Customers email JPEG files and/or sample pieces (we can draw in AutoCAD) which creates shorter lead times.

Software System

Pro Weld’s hybrid cad cam software system program for cnc plasma cutting integrating it into our machinery. This allows us to cut metal parts and designs with precision. Customer can bring their own materials or we can provide metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, an mild steel. Our advantage is we offer

Our cnc plasma table cuts metal sheets up to 7′ x 12′ in size. The cnc plasma table has the capacity to quickly, and accurately plasma cut parts and shapes in metal plates up to 1-1/2″ thick.

Pro Weld’s cnc plasma cutting services is a fast, economical and precise option for customers since no tooling is required.

CNC Plasma Cutting Benefits & Features

Cutting Edge Cutting Edge Technology
2D Shapes (High Quality)
FAST Precision Metal Art Cutting
Fabrication & Machining
Superior Workmanship
Personalized Service
Commitment to Quality
Affordable Cutting Service
Exceptional Industrial Cutting

Ideas for CNC Plasma Cutting Projects

Address Signs
Animals Art
Auto Customs
Baby Letters
Bed Frames
Business Card Holders
Candle Holders
Choppers Parts
Coat Racks
Commercial Signage
Decorative Wall Art
Fire Pits
Fireplace Screens
Garden Art

Ideas for CNC Plasma Cutting Projects

Go-Carts Parts
BBQ Grill Guards
Outdoors Offroad Modifications
Parts for Building Structures
Personalized Key Chains
Business Signs
Sport Team Logos