Structural Substations Procurement

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Pro Weld Inc. is a qualified “Supplier Diversity Vendor” through the Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) certification. The new welding and fabrication shop 15,000 square foot fabrication facility located in White City, Oregon offers over thirty years of fabrication and transformer experience.


Structural Steel Loaded for Electric Substation at Pro Weld Fabrication

Delivering Powerful Performance and Excellence
We fabricate pad mount and substation mechanical design from 50 KVA to 30 MVA in accordance to ANSI and NEMA standards, we can fabricate it. Whether manufacturing and designing transitions, throats, transition cabinets and wiring cabinets; we meet our customers on-site to allow easy fit-up with appropriate clearances.

Pro Weld offers manufactured small parts such as NEMA ground pads, parking stands, arrester mounting brackets and bus supports. We punch and bend bus for your particular applications and provide required hardware and supports.

Structural Steel Loaded on Pro Weld Truck for Deliver at a Electric Substation

Electric Substation Metals Loaded at Pro Weld Fabrication

Pro Weld is offering fabrication of substation structural steel, providing complete assemblies to meet your drawing requirements, galvanized and delivered to your site.Assemblies include: feeder, dead end structures, VBS, CVT and bus support structures to name a few.

Electric Substation-Pro Weld Fabrication-

Base Plates for Electric Substation Manufactured by Pro Weld Fabrication

Jim Oberlander, General Contractor & Expert Fabricator with Structural Steel for Electric Substation at Pro Weld Welding Shop

Jim Oberlander, General Contractor & Expert Fabricator with Structural Steel for Electric Substation at Pro Weld Welding Shop

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We look forward to facilitating your projects where experienced and quality fabrication is needed.

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Photo Gallary of Pro Weld’s Substation Steel Structure Fabrication and Materials for Electric Substation

Competencies and Expertise in Electrical Substation Structural Steel

Sample Product List

Arrester Mount Structures
Bus Structures
Capacitor Bank Getaway Structures
CCVT Structures
Dead End Structures
Floodlight Mounts
High Bay Feeder Structures
High Bays Structures
Low Bay Feeder Structures
Mobile Connect Structures
Pressure Relief Device Covers
Safety Switch Structures
Static Wire Pole Structures
Station Service Disconnect Switch Structures
Station Service Structures
Switch Structures
Transfer Switch Structures


Truck Loaded with Structural Steel for Electric Substation at Pro Weld Fabrication Welding Shop


Pro Weld Fabricator Welds Large Substation Structural Steel at Pro Weld