STOP the 2019 Novel Coronavirus

(COVID-19) from Spreading:

Pro Weld is taking guidance from President Trump, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention and state / public health authorities. On March 8th, 2020 Pro Weld began offering proactive and immediate safety measures response to the declared “State of Emergency,” issued by Oregon’s Governor.

Pro Weld daily focuses federal, state and local updates. The Pro Weld team works diligently within the welding shop, and internal offices to eliminate all COVID-19 insurgence possibilities. The daily cleaning approach is an aim to perform at the highest industry standards for welding excellence.

There are clearly marked and designated risk-aversion areas for clients to connect with welding staff.  The implementation of CDC guidelines are in order to “stop the spread.” Pro Weld offers COVID-19 safe practices through all welding jobs, client, vendor and public communication.

Pro Weld offers temperature checks, sanitation-stations and other coronavirus exposure. At anytime, vendors, clients and the public can access Pro Weld’s experts via phone or email. If at anytime you have questions, we highly suggest reaching out – as Pro Weld is ready to help YOU.

Staircase and handrail welding

Welding team produces handrails and staircases

Pro Weld is currently open during this COVID-19 time at their 1316 Ave G White City, OREGON 97503 All-American welding shop. This facility is providing ample space within Pro Weld’s lobby and office spaces to maintain more than the CDC recommended physical social distancing space. These coronavirus-FREE bubble will allow welding clients to speak with experts at our fabrication shop.

If at any time, you question the way you feel and have COVID-19 like symptoms – be sure to reach a healthcare provider for immediate assistance, and/or testing. You are welcome to call the COVID-19 hotline number at 541-789-2813 if you have mild symptoms.

Please note Pro Weld’s office maintains normal business 8am – 4:30pm. The welding facility is now on summer hours 7am to 3:30pm to avoid the scorching summer heat. All welding, construction and crane services are available with increased safety measures.

Pro Weld’s management is leads the way in best-virus-eliminating. They have taken a safety stand early-on on with the coronavirus in the welding and construction field. As news of the pandemic flooded the area and industry, their team brainstormed innovative ways to remain safe and open.

You will find upon entering Pro Weld, there is a 6+ foot designated roped area for all welding clients to stand while on the property. All welding personnel, office staff and management are practicing safety measures as issued by the CDC.

We ask those in contact of Pro Weld’s facilities and job sites (staff, vendors and clients) to practice the safety guidelines. Be sure to learn the facts, and keep up-to-date on COVID-19 information as it is released to the public.

Oregon Health Authority COVID-19 basics:

  • Wash your hands and cover your cough.
  • Stay home if you are sick and avoid contact with people who are sick.
  • For general information on COVID-19 in Oregon, call 211. If you are having a medical emergency, call 911.

Pro Weld seeks to provide excellence in all things metal and safety practices. As Oregon moves into STAGE 1, the Company is continuing to offer welding with COVID-19 measures.

A special thank you to our loyal customers for the continued support, trust and confidence in our leadership, welding experts and company.

Wishing all health,

Penny & James Oberlander

President, Vice President Owners

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