Want to submit a Substation Steel Bid Packet to our metal experts? We’re ready to introduce our Pro Weld, Inc. team to your engineers. Our welding team takes on all sizes of steel projects and welding plans for electrical substations. The first step is to be “on your grid” as a supplier. We’ll help charge your steel structural substation projects by providing the highest level of excellence, and on-time delivery.

Steel Substation

Structural Steel Substation Metals by Pro Weld, Inc. a family owned, Southern Oregon Company.

Examples of Steel Substation Structures and Components Pro Weld’s welding team recently fabricated:

  • 115KV Switch Stand (Steel Columns)
  • 115K A-Frame Dead End Steel Structures
  • Bus Support High & Bus Support Low
  • Bus PT Pedestal (Detailed Columns)
  • Bus PT Pedestal (Mounting Plate)
  • Switch Mounting Plate
  • Switch End Mounting Strap
  • Column Mount
  • Steel Plates of all sizes
  • Blueprints Steel Substation Structures

    Steel Substation Structural Metal Blueprints Mock-Up by Pro Weld, Inc. in White City Oregon USA

  • Steel Structure of Substation Drawing Example

    Example of Substation Structural Steel

Pro Weld, Inc. management team bids with all types of electrical companies, energy trusts and electrical cooperative groups. We provide metal welding substation solutions for all scales of new and old steel structures. We are not limited by complexities, as our welding experts have ample experience in fabricating steel substation structures and complex steel structures.

We send all structural components and substation steel directly to job sites and substation parks for on-site delivery (unless otherwise specified). We leave all components of substation expansion to those at the site.

Send us your substation structural steel drawings and metal specifics for review. Each steel part can be hot dipped galvanized, and deburred on all sharp edges (industry standard of x.xx +/- 0.01, x.x +/- 0.5 degrees.

Mounting Pads for Steel Substation Structure

Steel Substation Structure Mounting Pads

The Pro Weld, Inc. team understands the enormous increase in electrical power use each year. To meet the demanding industry growth, we are finding innovative ways to rapidly provide substation structures and solutions to make power resources more widely access

Contact Pro Weld, Inc.

Electrical Substation clients have direct access to our management team. Feel free to contact us TODAY to discuss your electrical substation structural steel RFQs and needs.

Substation Metal Welding Experts

If you are an engineer or electrical steel substation management team, we invite you to visit Pro Weld’s welding 14,000 square foot facility at 1316 Ave G White City, Oregon 97503. We are also available via phone at 541-826-1404 or email: info@pro-weld.com for more.

Pro Weld, Inc.'s 14,000 square feet facility

Welding Facility owned by Pro Weld, Inc. located in White City Oregon USA

We also invite video conferencing (Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype, Duo – we have it all really). Simply request a video chat, and we can begin discussing your steel substation structure design and bid requests.

Pro Weld Structural Substations PDF A


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