Transportation of Gas Cylinders & Storage Systems

Pro Weld, Inc. is a preferred fabrication vendor of international gases and engineering companies. We perform to industry standards, safety regulations and professional guidelines. Our 15,000 square foot metal fabrication facility has produced industrial gas transportation safety carts and high-pressure gas industry related storage products for all applications. Our capacity and fabrication-ability to produce all metal fabricated safety transportation steel products and designs are shown in the examples below:

Pro Weld Galvanized Export Pallet

Pro Weld Galvanized Export Pallet

Cylinder Pallets, Carts & Cages: For High Pressure Cylinders Stored Vertically
• Route Truck and Trailer Pallets (Knifing Truck / Trailer)
• Galvanized Export Pallets (Shipping High-Pressure Cylinders for Sea-Land-Air Crates)
• Zone-A Cages
• 6-Pack Forklift Safety & Transportation Carts (with Wheels)

Industrial Transportation and Safety Products

6-Pack Forklift Safety & Transportation Carts (with Wheels) for Industrial Safety

Bulk Pallet Storage Systems: For TON Cylinders Stored Horizontally
• 1-Ton Galvanized Pallets (Single Non-Stackable Pallet Only)
• 1-Ton Stackable Galvanized Pallets (Elevated Side Arms for Stacking. Innovatively Designed to Fit 2-High Stacking Inside a Sea-Land-Air Crate)
• 1-Ton Pallet Skids (For Placing 1-Ton Pallets on a Skid to Enable Shipment via Knifing Truck / Trailer)
• 1-Ton Multi-Level Cylinder Storage Racks

Pro Weld offers safety transportation solutions for the internationally growing demands.

Our strategy is to bring improvements for each stage of transportation. Pro Weld’s attention to detail and innovative safety transportation designs allows industry leaders to securely transport product globally. Our clients are pleased to see each of our products meet and exceed market and safety requirements.

Benefits & Features of Pro Weld’s Cylinder Carts, Pallets & Skids

• Certified Welding (and Experienced Fabricators)
• Galvanized (to Withstand Weather)
• Power Coating for Durability and Color-Options Company Branding
• Identification Tags: Laser-Cut Custom Metal (For Security & Inventory Control)
• CNC Plasma Table
• AutoCAD Software & SolidWorks Systems (3D CAD Design Software)
• Low Center of Gravity
• Easy to Load and Unload
• Stabile & Sturdy Transportation
• Ergonomically Designs Tie-Down Locations
• Four-Sided Forklift Access for Easy Transportation

We customize each product to brand YOUR company. Our CNC plasma table, AutoCAD and SolidWorks programs brand each safety product to blueprints, and project needs. The performance and stability

Call us today to discuss your safety transportation projects needs. We have expert fabrication and technical staff who offer viable cost-effective and sustainable solutions!