Racks for ATVs, Utility Vehicles & Polaris Rangers

This Polaris Ranger accessory is a heavy-duty metal utility rack makes your all-wheel drive Polaris Ranger and off-road vehicles and experience even better! If you need a way to hit the deep woods, and transport heavy payloads with confidence, Pro Weld’s custom metal racks are for you.

Custom Metal Fabrication Designs

Pro Weld uses AutoCAD and SolidWorks to design the most innovative and durable solution for your Polaris, ATVs and off-road vehicles. This is a small list of ideas for you to consider making your vehicles more tough and long-lasting!

Custom Metal Ranger Racks & Accessories:

Headache racks, cargo boxes, metal cargo frames, bed wall extenders, bed extenders, spare tire mounting bars, tool racks, heavy-duty bumpers, nerf bars, roof racks and roof reinforcements.
Each metal rack allows for easy to access storage and safety. Racks can be powder-coated. Color and metal thickness is an option.

Become the Oregon Pioneer YOU were born to be! The rugged outdoors waits to be conquered.